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What Is Spider Vein Therapy?

Spider veins occur when the pressure in your leg veins increases. There are one-way valves throughout our vein system that pump the blood back toward the heart. People who are on their feet all day, as well as those with significant weight gain, including pregnancy, put increased pressure on the valves. Eventually, the valves began to leak, forcing the blood into the small superficial veins, which we call “spider” veins.

If you would like to get rid of these clusters of red, blue, or purple veins, then the staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre can help. About half of all women in Texas suffer from spider veins in their thighs, calves, and ankles. With spider vein therapy, our medical staff provides effective, safe, and relatively painless methods for eliminating spider veins.

Am I a Good Candidate for Spider Vein Therapy?

It’s important to assess that the deep venous system within the muscles is competent. Any deep vein problems need to be addressed first. Fortunately for most people, deep problems are uncommon and the majority of spider veins can be treated with injections (sclerotherapy) or laser treatment.

Most spider vein therapy patients have this condition because of one or more of the following:

  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal shifts
  • Weight gain
  • Occupations or activities that require prolonged sitting or standing

In some women, spider veins become noticeable in their early 20s, while others won’t see any until they reach their 40s. Although spider veins affect men, too, they are usually concealed by hair growth on the leg.

For more details about your suitability for spider vein therapy, set up a visit with the professional staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre today. We invite patients from all over the Houston area and beyond, including Spring and The Woodlands.

What Is the Process for Spider Vein Therapy?

With sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into each affected vein, causing the vein to collapse and fade from view. Typically, you can expect one injection for every inch of spider vein that is treated. Bright light and magnification may be used to help precision while the skin is held taut for the injection. A cotton ball and compression tape is often applied to each injection site.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre uses different sclerosing agents, depending on each patient’s spider vein problem. Our registered nurse has been doing sclerotherapy treatments in the office for a number of years with great results. Please contact us for an appointment, and we will be happy to evaluate you to find out the best treatment for your spider vein therapy.

What Does Recovery Entail After Spider Vein Therapy?

After your spider vein therapy, you will probably have to wear support hose to help you heal. You can expect bruising at the injection sites and some cramping in your legs for a day or two. Any discomfort will be temporary and typically so minimal that it doesn’t require prescription medication.

Even though spider vein therapy seems rather simple, it is still a medical procedure that requires specific healing steps. The staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre will make sure you have the details you need to maximize your recovery process.

What Are Spider Vein Therapy Costs?

The amount of treatment required plays a big role in spider vein therapy prices. You are more than welcome to speak with the caring and experienced staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre to determine what spider vein therapy would cost you. Please visit our finance page if you would like to know more about payment options.

Get Optimal Outcomes with the Right Doctor

Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre is proud to offer spider vein therapy to patients throughout the Houston region, including Spring, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, and Baytown. We are committed to providing the best care with the best results. To learn more about spider vein therapy, please book a consultation with us today.

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