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What Is BellaFill (formerly BellaFill)?

BellaFill corrects facial wrinkles known as nasolabial folds, or smile lines. Unlike existing dermal fillers that are completely metabolized by the body, BellaFill represents the first product in a new category of non-resorbent dermal fillers providing a permanent support structure for enduring wrinkle reparation.

Dr. Joseph M. Perlman and his medical team at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre offer BellaFill to patients who want permanent correction of facial wrinkles and lines. For more details on the treatment, contact us today to set up an appointment. We provide BellaFill to men and women who live in Houston and beyond, including residents of Spring and The Woodlands.

Am I a Good Candidate for BellaFill®?

Men and women of any age can receive BellaFill®. However, the filler is not suitable for people with allergies to bovine collagen or patients with chronic skin infections. During your meeting with Dr. Perlman, he will be able to gauge whether the procedure is right for you.

What Is the Process for BellaFill®?

BellaFilltreatment is also known as soft tissue augmentation. The solution is made of millions of synthetic molecules (polymethyl-methacrylate or PMMA) suspended in purified bovine collagen. The gel also contains the local anesthetic lidocaine to reduce discomfort during injection.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to inject the filler with a fine needle. Your BellaFillspecialist will aim the solution underneath the wrinkle, just above the skin’s fat layer. Two sessions, about three to six weeks apart, may be necessary to achieve the desired results. Once the BellaFilltreatment is complete, the patient can immediately resume normal activities.

What sets BellaFillapart from most other dermal fillers are the PMMA molecules. These synthetic particles cannot be absorbed by your body. Instead, they stimulate the creation of your own natural collagen, which then envelops each microsphere and permanently fills in and plumps up wrinkles.

What Are BellaFillCosts?

The best way to find out what the procedure will cost you is to schedule a visit with the medical staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre. We will be pleased to discuss BellaFillprices with you. Dr. Perlman also offers finance options to all of our patients.

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When you work with Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, you will be treated with warmth and respect. We will make sure you are well-informed about BellaFillso you can make the best decision for you. We are proud to offer BellaFillto patients in Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, and Baytown. Please schedule a consultation and discover why we have a reputation for providing meticulous, compassionate care.

Long lasting solution for collagen production

You have that vibrant and beautiful smile, but is is marred by those lines that appear below your nasal area. These lines are known as “nasolabial folds” or “smile lines.”  Fortunately, while they are not completely preventable, you can significantly reduce their appearance through injectable fillers. One very popular injectable filler for smile lines is Bellafill. Bellafill contains microspheres that stimulate the skin to produce collagen naturally and for a long period of time so that your results are long lasting.

BellaFill Overview

Injectable Filler approved by FDA

Bellafill is an injectable filler that significantly reduces the appearance of smile lines for both men and women. The injection is used at the site of the wrinkles or folds to enhance collagen stimulation over time. The collagen produced then works to reduce your wrinkles. To comply with FDA standards and to ensure a high quality product, Bellafill is created out of purely synthetic microspheres. Patients that have used Bellafill have been extremely satisfied with the results.

Results are long term

One of the main advantages to using Bellafill is that the results you see are long term. The reason behind this is when the product is injected into your skin it works to strongly stimulate the production of collagen over time. The face will continue to produce more collagen as time goes by, creating fullness for years. Changes in the appearance of the face will still occur with aging, but your face will always look younger than it would have without the treatment.


When getting a procedure done, most patients want something that is quick, easy, and painless. Bellafill is one of those procedures that fulfill exactly what patients want. The injections are completely safe and they take a matter of minutes to complete. The doctor will clean the injection site and numb the area to be treated. There is no recovery time, and while the skin may feel slightly irritated or numb afterwards, those sensations last a very short period of time. Through this comfortable procedure you’ll be able to easily attain the youthful look you have wanted.

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Bellafill is a wrinkle solution that truly outshines its counterparts. With a simple injection you will be able to get the long-lasting results that you have always wanted. No longer will you need to hide or prevent yourself from smiling from fear of showing your wrinkles. By using Bellafill, you’ll be able to confidently show your beautiful smile proudly for the world to see. For more information, contact Dr. Perlman today.