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Consider a Cheek Lift for a more youthful you!

During his more than 25 years in practice, Dr. Joseph M. Perlman has seen hundreds of patients who come in concerned about the way their cheeks have started to sag. Many will push their cheek up and say, “If I could only get my cheek to look like this, I would be happy.” Over the past five years, Dr. Perlman has developed a suture suspension technique that he calls a loop suspension. This relatively new procedure results in a cheek lift for the patient.

Dr. Perlman is excited to be able to offer this innovative surgery to men and women in and around Houston, including Spring and The Woodlands. If you would like more information about cheek lifts, please set up a consultation at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre today.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Cheek Lift?

The men and women who undergo a cheek lift tend to have cheeks that are drooping because of age. If you’ve simply lost fullness in your cheeks, then this procedure could be right for you. Dr. Perlman will be able to assess your suitability for a cheek lift during your initial meeting at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre.

When you meet with Dr. Perlman, he can give you even more details about a cheek lift. You can also decide whether you want just the cheek lift or would like it performed in conjunction with other surgeries.

What Is the Process for a Cheek Lift?

A cheek lift begins with a small incision in the temporal (temple) hairline. A small instrument is inserted and passed down over the lateral cheekbone, passing underneath the cheek fat and entering the mouth just beneath the nasolabial fold (the facial line that runs from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth). The end of the instrument has an opening through which Dr. Perlman passes a suture and brings it back through the hairline incision. He then makes a second pass with the instrument and grabs the other end of the suture and pulls it back. This feature now forms a loop that he can pull to lift the cheek fat pad and the corner of the mouth. The two free ends of the suture are then tied into the firm fascia of the temporal hairline. This gives a firm, reliable lift.

What is the Cheek Lift Goal?

The goal of cheek augmentation is to add volume or lift to the cheeks. Some people are bothered by their cheeks losing volume, or even sagging, with age. Others never develop the desired volume in their cheeks and are bothered by cheeks that may be considered flat or thin.

What Does Recovery Entail After a Cheek Lift?

You can rest assured that Dr. Perlman and his staff at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre will see to your comfort after a cheek lift. We will give you detailed directions on how to maximize your recovery process. We will also closely monitor your progress. No matter where you live in the Houston area, be it Spring, The Woodlands, or elsewhere, we will make sure that your cheek lift is successful and meets with your satisfaction.

What Are Cheek Lift Costs?

To learn more information about cheek lift prices, please book a preliminary appointment with Dr. Perlman at Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre today. We will offer you personalized details based on a physical evaluation and the discussion of your objectives for a cheek lift. Dr. Perlman also offers finance options to all of our patients.

Are there options?

Valid surgical options for augmenting and enhancing the cheeks are fat grafting/transfer (where a patient’s own fat is used) or the use of solid cheek implants. A nonsurgical option is the use of injectable fillers to enhance the cheeks.

Attractive Cheeks are just a few steps away!

Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre is proud to offer cheek lifts to patients throughout the Houston region, including Spring, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, and Baytown. We are committed to providing the best care with the best results. To learn more about cheek lifts and speak with Dr. Perlman, please book a consultation with us today. You will be on your way to having the attractive cheeks you desire.

Cheek Lift Benefits

Improve Cheek Position

The position and fullness of your cheeks can impact your facial symmetry and overall attractiveness. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the right volume in their cheeks. People also tend to experience sagging and volume loss in their cheeks as they age. Thankfully, patients can turn to a number of cheek augmentation procedures to address these concerns.

Minimally Invasive

Aside from being minimally invasive, cheek lift surgery is known to yield more natural results, making it the recommended rejuvenation option for patients with minimal to moderate signs of aging. Long lasting fillers can be used instead of a surgery.

Restores Midface Fullness

Aside from lifting drooping cheeks and softening fine lines, cheek lift surgery aims to restore fullness to the mid-face area and reduce the prominence of sunken or puffy under eyes, dents on the upper cheek, and deep nasal folds.

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At The Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Joseph Perlman offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Texas including Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, Atascocita, Conroe, Pasadena, and Baytown. Contact The Advanced Plastic Surgery Centre office today to schedule your cheek lift consultation!